Pink Laptops on Sale

So you're looking for a pink laptop and you're searching an searching for a good one and you realize there's not many places that are even selling them to begin with? Well let me tell you that you're not the first. Only a select number of manufacturers/brands have decided to produce laptops in the lovely, attractive (and very girly?) color that is pink. To make matters even more difficult, in our own entire search of the web we only managed to find two trustworthy places that actually sells these pink laptops at a reasonable price. So where are these places? i hear you cry.. Well read on to find out.

The first place we found them at was (A)mazon and we've picked out the following two as being the cheapest.

The Dell D610 Laptop (pink)

Dell D610 Pink

The Dell D610 laptop is without a doubt one of the most durable yet lightweight systems in the business class considering it harbors a 15.6 inch display. Weighing less than 6 pounds, the Dell D610 pink laptop computer provides all the mobility and space that a business could possibly require. Despite the weight, the Dell D610 laptop is designed with the same magnesium alloy housing as others in its class protecting your system against damage, externally and internally. Excellence in productivity is ensured by Intel Pentium Mobile Technology, guaranteeing this pink laptop will outperform comparable systems. From multitasking to networking, the D610 laptop is simply capable of anything you require from a business class laptop. Based on price, high quality components, integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, performance and functionality, the Dell D610 defines the business class. If you are in the market for a highly rated mobile system that elevates your productivity and personal performance to a higher level, the Dell D610 laptop should be your first choice.

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The Dell Inspiron 14R (pink)

Dell Inspiron 14R pink

True to its name, the Inspiron range of Dell products brings yet another product that is bound to astound you with loads of features. Introducing the all new, sleek and shiny pink Inspiron 14r. Boasting the powerful Intel i3/i5 processor, the 14r is smooth to run and gives you a pleasant environment to work on. With a dedicated graphics card, your video rendering is optimized. It includes wireless connectivity, so you go work on the go. As most of its features are customizable, you can pick the right combination that suits your style. This gives you the flexibility to pick the features according to your needs. With an extended battery life, that could last more than two full feature films and a light body (at around 2.3Kgs) , this laptop makes your travel experience a pleasurable one. It's not all techy. It comes in a wide range of colors (like pink!) and its exquisite exteriors gives you right to flaunt. Dell also offers unparalleled after sales services. This pink laptop is a must for those who want a great laptop at an affordable price.

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If those two pink laptops don't tickle your fancy then get a load of these luscious pinkies at (e)bay!


ASUS X102BA 101 Inch Touchscreen Laptop Pink ASUS X102BA 101 Inch Touchscreen Laptop Pink
1h 23m
HP Stream 11 d011wm 116in 32GB Intel Celeron N 216GHz 2GB 32GB HP Stream 11 d011wm 116in 32GB Intel Celeron N 216GHz 2GB 32GB
3h 4m
Pink Sony Vaio CR Series 141 320gb 2gb Windows 10 180GHz Office 2016 +Extra Pink Sony Vaio CR Series 141 320gb 2gb Windows 10 180GHz Office 2016 +Extra
4h 30m

Still can't find the right laptop? or maybe you've changed your mind about pink laptops altogether? Not to worry! Check out the other cheap laptops on offer some of which are laptops under 200 and laptops under 300, if you don't find one in those then you might as well give up! just kidding...