Laptops Under 100

You may not believe this but there are quality laptops under 100 on the market and they are impossible to pass up. These systems are usually in excellent working order and contain high quality components. A laptop that is economically priced in this range may outperform some newer models based on a few older processors that hold their own in tests with some newer chips. These laptops often have large capacity hard drives and plenty of memory included. RAM is, in most cases, upgradeable, as is the storage drive itself. You simply cannot go wrong with a laptop in this price range.

Capable of multitasking, a laptop under 100 dollars is perfect for the cash strapped student. With their hectic schedules, a student is almost required to own a portable laptop to work on studies between classes. These systems provide the speed and performance to accomplish your important tasks. Offering quality graphics, laptops in this price range will be easy on the eyes when reviewing a slide show presentation that you have prepared for class. It does not matter if you are tight for cash because these low priced systems are a real bargain and something that everyone should consider.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Laptop Intel Core i5 M 520 24Ghz 4GB IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Laptop Intel Core i5 M 520 24Ghz 4GB
1h 59m
Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop Core i5 240GHz 160GB HDD 3GB WiFi No Battery No O S Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop Core i5 240GHz 160GB HDD 3GB WiFi No Battery No O S
2h 6m
HP Probook 6460B Laptop Computer HP Probook 6460B Laptop Computer
2h 34m

Cheap laptops under 100 dollars are also a great purchase for families. If your children are reaching the age where they could use a system, these value priced units are ideal for the youngsters to gain experience without the risk of damaging a comparable system that you paid hundreds more for. The truth is that these laptops will accomplish everything that you’d expect from a higher priced unit. The question is why would you pay more when you simply do not have to? From the optical drives, accessory ports and internal components there is not much of a difference when it comes to ability and features.

When choosing a laptop in this price range you will notice they are name brand systems. You can be assured that you are getting a long lasting quality notebook. You will need to look at the available options and choose the best one to fulfill your needs. Take note of the screen size and aspect as well as the processor and memory available. You will find out that these systems are well worth the money no matter which one you choose. The beautiful thing about purchasing a laptop under 100 dollars is that many have often been stripped of those annoying bloated trial programs the manufacturer includes that drain your resources. This is something that seriously increases the response times and speeds when running multiple applications, making life so much easier than uninstalling them yourself.

Now the price may often scare some people away for whatever reason, if that is the case, then there are always laptops under 200 dollars available that may ease any fear you might have. The fact is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with systems in the lower price range. Often they were simply left behind with the constant barrage of new models that are made available. These laptops will always perform at a level that far exceeds the price. Why not take a look at laptops under 100 dollars for your next system, at those prices it would be a mistake not to.